Hand-shaped custom surfboards

Hand-shaped in St Agnes, Cornwall

Surfboards designed with you in mind

Tailor-made boards for the individual.


Buy in confidence knowing that an experienced shaper has created a surfboard just for you.


We use only the best materials available in the market. Hexcel, Futures, Silmar, ISO10X, US Blanks, Resin Research.

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Boards shaped in Cornwall by a Cornishman
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20 years in the surfboard industry... With some of the best shapers in the UK... Alan McBride; Tunnell Vision, Chops; BeachBeat, Mark Hills; Hillzeez & Mother Ocean, Chris Harris; MMY, Mark Neville; John Purton; JP Surfboards. And fortunate enough to work alongside some of the biggest foreign influences in surfboard design... Malcolm Campbell; Campbell Bros, Gary McNabb; Nectar, Ronnie Woodward Utilizing materials at the forefront of the surfboard industry. After 10 years shaping boards in the Western Algarve, Morph Surfboards has returned to St Agnes, Cornwall, UK; continuing to create tailor-made, quality boards for the individual. Custom designs that work with your ability & style. Fusing the elements of design, experience and the individual.

  • % Hand shaped
  • % Designed for you
  • % Shapes for UK waves or world travel
  • % Experienced sea dog

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